Direct Hire Benefits for Employees and Employers

Whether you are a U.S. based health care in the middle of a raging talent acquisition battle for experienced Nurses and Therapists or whether you are an experienced health care professional currently working outside of the U.S., there are really only two different types of recruitment models and opportunities that you will find.

The first is DIRECT HIRE international recruitment.  In this model employers recruit experienced international health professionals who become permanent, direct employees of the employer’s organization when they arrive in the U.S.

The second model  is merely a variation of a contract staffing or travel nurse model where the international health professional  is employed by a third party and their services are contracted to a U.S. hospital, long term care or community care provider.  Sometimes this model will include a contract buy-out provision after 1-2 years of the staffing contract.

WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions Ltd. (HealthStaff) only provides DIRECT HIRE international recruitment. This approach provides our Employer clients with the maximum and fastest return on their international recruitment investment while enabling international nurses and therapists to maintain full control over their professional and personal futures in the U.S.

Employers – is your ability to hire experienced health professionals affecting organizational performance?  Is the financial impact of relying on per-diem, contract or travel staff great enough for you to consider alternate recruitment and staffing solutions?

RNs and Therapists – are you willing to face the uncertainty of having a Staffing or Travel Nurse firm tell you where and when you will be working only on your arrival in the U.S. or would you  prefer the certainly of a DIRECT placement with a named  employer in a location of your choosing who will welcome you as a permanent member of their staff?

No Employer we have ever met has said “Well, we are really looking forward to increasing our contingent staff spend.”  Nor has an international Nurse of Therapist said “I am happy letting someone else decide where and when I will be working when I get to the U.S. – I am sure I will find out more when I arrive.”

For both U.S. Employers and International Health Professionals, DIRECT HIRE international recruitment enables you to best meet your objectives and to enter into long-term mutually beneficial relationships. WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions Ltd. is your experienced partner to guide Employers and Health Professionals through every step of the recruitment, immigration, credentialing and licensure and relocation processes.