Evaluating Your Nursing Job Offer

If you are considering accepting a nursing or healthcare professional position, it is vital to understand that not all job offers are created equal. Nursing jobs in the United States and GCC are plentiful, so don’t assume that you should accept the first offer that comes your way. In fact, we suggest scrutinizing every opportunity to ensure it meets your needs. Here’s how to discern a good job offer.

Direct Hire vs. Contract Hire

Any nursing job offer you receive will either be for direct hire or contract hire. It’s easy to tell them apart.

For direct hire, the hospital or another healthcare facility will act as your green card sponsor. If you accept the job, you will become a permanent member of the staff and receive the same pay and benefits as regular staff members.

For contract hire—also known as temporary hire or travel nursing—the staffing agency you work through, not the medical facility, will be listed as your green card sponsor. If you accept the job, your services are contracted by the staffing agency to the hospital where you work. Your contract may only last a year or two, after which you may have to move and start a new job elsewhere.

At WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions, we only offer direct hire nursing jobs. This model gives you the highest degree of control over your professional and personal future. Instead of being told where to live and work, you get to make these decisions. You also benefit from a more stable future for yourself and your family.

Other Ways to Evaluate a Job Offer

Choosing direct hire over contract hire is just one decision you must make. As you evaluate your job offers, use these tips to discern the best ones:

  • Salary and benefits: The first thing that may catch your eye is the offered salary. While this is worth considering, don’t overlook the importance of benefits. Great pay without benefits is not an acceptable offer. Look for a job that provides health insurance, disability insurance, life and accident insurance, malpractice insurance, 401(k) retirement plans, and other benefits. The more benefits, the better!
  • Relocation packages: The most considerate employers understand that you need to relocate to the country of placement before you can begin working for them. Your job offer should come with a relocation package to help you with the move. Look for a free flight and hotel stay for the initial relocation, along with offers to help you find temporary housing, enroll your children in school, and otherwise get settled in a new country.
  • Job location: With direct hire, you get to pick and choose where you work. If you have a young family, working in a community hospital could be just right. On the other hand, if you’re single, an ER in a bustling urban center could be the perfect lifestyle for you.
  • Intangible benefits: When you receive a job offer, look up the hospital and reach out to the nurses already working there. Do they like their job? Is it a healthy, respectful working environment? Do the doctors and nurses have good relationships? The answers to these questions can tell you a lot about what it will be like to work at this particular job.

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The bottom line is there’s a nursing shortage in the United States and GCC, putting you in control of the job offers you consider. We have job offers waiting for you now!

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