Evaluating Your Job Offer

If you are considering accepting a U.S. job offer for a nursing position that includes Green Card visa sponsorship, it's vitally important you understand that all job offers are not created equal! It’s the offers that appear to be too good to be true that are often the ones that must be scrutinized the closest.

Any U.S. job offer you receive will be either a DIRECT HIRE offer or a Staffing Agency or Travel Nurse Agency offer. You can easily tell them apart.

For DIRECT HIRE opportunities, the hospital or long term care facility where you will be working will be your Green Card Sponsor. For Staffing/Travel Nurse agency offers the staffing/travel nurse agency will be named as your Green Card sponsor.

The differences between these two types of offers and their impact on the future of you and your family are profound.
Know the Pros and Cons of DIRECT versus Agency Hire.