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WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions Ltd. is an international nursing recruitment agency with offices located in the USA and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) as well as an affiliate office in the Philippines. We connect healthcare employers with experienced RNs and healthcare professionals from around the world.

After more than 20 years in the industry, we have perfected the staffing process for our healthcare employer clients. Count on us to fill your staffing shortages with quality, permanent hires.

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USA Healthcare Employers

Click here to download the USA Guide to Direct Hire International Recruitment to learn more about hiring experienced nurses for your healthcare facility in the United States.

GCC Healthcare Employers

Click here to download the GCC Client Presentation Guide to learn more about hiring experienced nurses for your healthcare facility in the Gulf region.

Stop High Turnover In Your Healthcare Facility

Does your medical facility suffer from high turnover and chronic vacancies? Have you had to increase your contingent staff spending as a result? The problem doesn’t lie in insufficient or ineffective recruitment strategies—there are simply more positions than there are qualified staffers to fill them.

To solve this supply-and-demand problem, it may be time to look for talent outside the country. We help you hire English-speaking medical professionals from countries around the world to serve in direct hire, permanent placement positions at your facility. We screen candidates carefully and verify their credentials and licensure so that when new hires arrive, they are ready to begin working immediately.

Advantages of Direct Hire vs. Contract Hire for Medical Staffing

If you are considering international recruitment, you will run across two models: direct hire and contract hire.

Direct hire or permanent placement is when your healthcare facility employs applicants directly. Once they relocate to your facility, they become permanent employees and receive the same pay and benefits as your regular staff.

Contract hire, temporary hire, or temporary-to-permanent hire is when international nurses are employed by a staffing agency that contracts their services to your medical facility. The agency often charges fees and markups, which increase your staffing expenditures.

At WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions, we facilitate direct hire, permanent placement recruitment. This model consistently provides the fastest and largest return possible on your recruitment dollars, often returning the full investment within six months or less.

Benefits of International Recruitment

Of all the staffing solutions available to your healthcare facility, international recruitment could be the ideal option. Here’s what hiring nurses from around the world can do for you:

  • Increase the number of permanent nurses on your staff
  • Allow you to hire experienced professionals in volume to facilitate a program or facility expansion
  • Add to the supply pool of qualified nurses, with backgrounds in all clinical areas and specialties, to fill the growing demand for quality healthcare services

We provide a turnkey recruiting solution for healthcare employers, starting with the sourcing and screening of applicants, facilitation of the hiring process, management of immigration paperwork, candidate credentialing, licensure and coordination of the relocation process. We provide these services for a flat fee per applicant to keep your recruitment efforts on budget.

Flexibility to Meet Your Healthcare Staffing Needs

We have the flexibility to meet the staffing needs of healthcare facilities, no matter their size or the specialties they hope to fill. Whether you need a handful of nurses for your long-term care facility or hundreds of medical professionals to fill positions across your national network of hospitals, we can help.

The U.S. Nursing Shortage

Hospitals and healthcare facilities need to act quickly to resolve these nursing shortages.

International Recruitment

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