How Can I ROCK My Interview? (10 Simple Steps)

It’s always an exciting day when a member of our recruitment team emails a nurse candidate about an interview! It’s the first step towards achieving the American Dream. However, when the day for the interview approaches, the nerves kick in and the overwhelming thoughts start to consume our brains. “Am I good enough?” “Will they like me?”

Coming from a recruiter at WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions, you are GOOD ENOUGH! Here are 10 simple steps to rock your interview and achieve your American Dream.

1) Research the Company

Before accepting the interview, research the company. Find their mission statement or even reviews from current employees. It’s important to make sure that you will feel comfortable. Plus, you can certainly impress the company with your knowledge about them.

2) Make Sure to Communicate with Your Recruiter

It is important to stay in contact with your recruiter. Make sure you have confirmed the date and time of your scheduled interview. Don’t be afraid to ask for the location and what to bring. You can also ask if any links or helpful videos are available. Also, make sure that your recruiter has an updated copy of your resume.

3) Have a Plan

Here at WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions, we conduct interviews a couple of different ways including Skype and in-person. It’s important to make sure you have planned out all the technicalities that may happen. Also, take notes during the interview so you can look back on them.

• Video interview – Test out your connection with a HealthStaff recruiter.
• In-person interview – Map out where you need to be and how long it will take to get there.

4)  Be Prepared

You should always be 15 minutes early for your interview! It’s better to be early than on time. If you are doing an in-person interview, print out a copy of your resume and bring it with you.

5) Be Professional

Within the first seven seconds of meeting someone, they will have a solid impression of who you are. Therefore, make sure you are groomed nicely. Wear professional attire even if you are doing a video interview. With video interviews make sure there are no distractions in the background so that the interviewer pays attention to just you.

6) Be Honest

If an interviewer asks you a question, don’t make up an answer. Be honest with them. Say, “I do not have knowledge about that, but I am willing to learn.” It’s okay to say no!

7) Take Your Time

Do not feel rushed when answering questions. If you need time to think or process what the interviewer is asking, take a pause. BREATH IN! Ask for a clarification or repeat the question back to them if you do not understand. They took the time out of their day to talk to you.

8) Have Questions

At the end of the interview, normally companies ask, “Do you have any questions?” ALWAYS SAY YES! Ask for clarification on health insurance, work hours, states that are being provided, maybe ask for clarification on a specific topic they mentioned during the interview.

9) Send a Thank You Email

Sending a thank you email or note is not over the top. It shows gratitude and compassion to the company. It proves to them that you are dedicated and want this job. Plus, they will remember your name.

10) Be Yourself

Be proud of your accomplishments and your career. Share your story, because your journey is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!