How It Works
WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions

Health care professionals nationwide are suffering from a shortage of qualified nurses to care for their patients. According to the American Nurses Association (ANA), there will be more job openings for registered nurses than any other profession by 2022. Medical professionals need to act now to secure better care for their patients in the immediate future. Luckily, there are approximately 29 million nurses in the world today, and WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions provides the staffing service professionals need to ensure quality care for their patients.

Accessing Nurses Worldwide

HealthStaff has provided staffing solutions to medical professionals for over 20 years, using direct hire methods to place immigrant nurses with U.S. employers. We work closely with each of our applicants to ensure their certification and licensure meets U.S. nursing requirements and match qualified candidates to health care employers that best suit their experience.

If you are a nurse seeking employment in the U.S. or a health care professional in need of permanent staffing solutions, contact the HealthStaff team today to find out how we can help.

The HealthStaff Difference

When you choose HealthStaff as your staffing solution professionals, you ensure permanent placement for immigrant nurses with our direct-hire-only recruitment strategy. Nurses coming from outside the U.S. have two employment options: contract hire or direct hire.

Contract hire involves temporary placement for nurses where staffing agencies contract services to medical professionals. This means less control over job placement options for nurses and higher fees paid to the staffing agency by employers. WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions only provides direct hire solutions for professionals, meaning nurses get a salary, benefits, and professional green card sponsorship, while employers benefit from permanent staff members and decreased vacancies.

Each applicant is treated with professionalism and respect, and our team takes the time to understand their priorities and qualifications while providing them with unparalleled assistance at no cost. Our services include ensuring nurses meet the proper employment requirements in the U.S., securing housing, placing children in school, and financing a vehicle—all free of charge. Likewise, HealthStaff takes the time to understand the needs of each client, providing you only with candidates that meet the specific needs of your medical facility.

Contact HealthStaff today to experience the difference international hiring solutions can make.

Begin Hiring International Nurses Today! 

Your future employees are waiting―take advantage of the 29 million qualified nurses worldwide by hiring internationally through HealthStaff. With our rigorous application process, unparalleled assistance offerings, and direct hire model, your team of health care professionals will be stronger than ever before. Learn more about why hiring internationally is the right choice for your facility by contacting HealthStaff today.