How We Work
The WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions Difference

WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions Ltd. can permanently and cost-effectively decrease vacancies by increasing the number of permanent hires at your facility.

HealthStaff offers medium and longer term recruitment strategies.  These strategies are designed to benefit employers planning to expand programs or facilities or those looking to manage increases in retirement.  You will now have the ability to proactively deal with future needs.

Uncompromising ethics have been the bedrock of our recruitment practices from the day we opened our company. An understanding of, and concern for the ethical issues related to domestic and international recruitment is only a beginning.

Our commitment is to respectfully treat each applicant as a professional. That means we take the time to understand their priorities, provide them with consistent and reliable advice and never charge them any fees for the services that we provide to them.

This commitment extends to our clients as well. Taking the time to understand your needs, doing what we say we will do, and doing so in ways that are transparent and accountable at all times are all things we consider to be business as usual.

Our clients pay for results … not for activity … for results!

What makes WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions Ltd. different from the rest?

We think the difference starts with our principal’s decades of experience in many roles within healthcare sectors in the United States and Canada. Add to this, 16 years of domestic and international recruitment experience and you have a recruitment partner who has been where you are today offering you tried and true recruitment strategies that work.