How to Choose an International Nursing Recruitment Agency

Whether you’re an experienced nurse currently working outside the United States, or you operate a U.S.-based healthcare facility, you could benefit from working with an international nursing recruitment agency. The key to ensuring a positive outcome is to choose a reputable company that has your best interests at heart.

WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions is an experienced nursing recruitment agency. We help health care professionals fulfill their dream of living and working in the U.S., as well as help health care employers, fill chronic vacancies and stick to their recruiting budgets. Consider the qualities and services that set us apart from other agencies.

Direct Hire/Permanent Placement Recruitment

There are two primary international recruitment methods: contract hire and direct hire/permanent placement.

Contract hire is when a staffing agency employs international nurses and contracts their services to medical facilities across the U.S. Each arrangement may only last one to two years, and the agency often charges fees and markups.

On the other hand, direct hire/permanent placement is when a healthcare facility employs nurses directly. These healthcare professionals become permanent employees and receive the same pay and benefits as existing staff members.

Benefits for healthcare professionals: Direct hire recruitment offers you a permanent job and a greater degree of control over your professional and personal future.

Benefits for healthcare employers: The direct hire method provides a consistent staffing solution that’s almost always more affordable than contract or travel nurse recruitment.

Turnkey Recruiting Solutions for Health Care Employers & Professionals

HealthStaff makes it easy for qualified nurses and healthcare facilities to connect. Our international recruitment strategies ensure an effortless process for both healthcare professionals and employers.

Benefits for healthcare professionals: We learn about your skills, professional goals, and personal aspirations. Then, we match your qualifications and preferences to one of the hundreds of permanent nursing jobs in the U.S. Once you find employment, we coordinate the immigration process, including your permanent residency visa. Finally, we manage your relocation to the United States, helping you secure housing, a car, a bank account, a social security card, and more.

Benefits for healthcare employers: We screen candidates carefully and verify their credentials and licensure. Then, we facilitate the hiring process and manage the applicant’s immigration legal work to eliminate any potential inconvenience of hiring international nurses. New hires arrive in the United States with all the necessary paperwork, so they’re ready to begin working immediately.

Affordable Health Care Recruitment Services

HealthStaff is committed to making our services financially feasible for both health care professionals and employers.

Benefits for healthcare professionals: International nurses receive our services at no charge. Your skills are a valuable asset to U.S.-based healthcare facilities, so they are the ones that pay to help you relocate to the United States.

Benefits for healthcare employers: Our clients only pay for results. We charge a flat fee per applicant to keep your recruitment budget on track. Our affordable services offer a tremendous return, allowing many facilities to break even within six months or less.

Our Experience & Reputation

With over 20 years as a domestic and international nursing recruitment agency, we have the expertise you need to put your trust in us. Since 1998, we have developed and perfected tried-and-true recruitment strategies that benefit nurses and healthcare employers alike. We are committed to treating all applicants as the professionals they are and deliver ethical, transparent, and accountable recruitment practices at all times.

Work with a Reliable Nursing Recruitment Agency

For access to recruitment strategies that work, choose HealthStaff as your experienced healthcare recruiting partner. Our services provide a win-win situation for both healthcare professionals and employers.

To learn more about our nursing recruitment agency, please contact us today!