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Award Winning HealthStaff Nurse
Award Winning HealthStaff Nurse

Award Winning
WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions Nurse

"..a whole family embarking on a new beginning in a foreign land is definitely loaded with anxieties and apprehensions... thankfully, we have a wonderful support system of family and special friends that truly helped us navigate the difficult transition... now we are slowly building our dreams in Texas with the grace of God.."
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Coming to the US was a big move. For a time we didn't know if we made the right decision. Our first year was quite challenging as we needed to adapt to new ways of doing thing as well as the new environment but with the help and support of Worldwide HealthStaff Solutions Ltd in the person of Laquanda Stewart we have overcome the challenges. We have indeed made the right decision and uncertainty is now a thing of the past. A big thank you to Worldwide HealthStaff Solutions Ltd for making our transition easier.
Last January, me and my family arrived here at North Carolina, Mixed emotions were felt when we first landed the area. Excitement, worry, nervousness. We didn’t know what to do since we’re still so unfamiliar with our new place. But those negative thoughts and emotions were washed away once we went in our new home with a bunch of welcoming Filipinos. Our doubts started disappearing knowing that a lot of Filipinos are willing to help another Filipino family in need (“bayanihan” is alive here). Giving us food and even some furniture. With those small actions, they have touched our hearts and made us feel at home. We are thankful to meet such people. Our stay here in North Carolina became warmer despite the cold temperature, thanks to the Filipinos warm hearts. And of course all of these are possible with the good heart of our friend from WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions, Laquanda Stewart. She really made our transition so easy and smoothly with her passionate assistance. We express our sincerest gratitude to all of them and to those aspiring to come here, your efforts and hardships will be paid off, pursue your dreams and really you will get there and definitely be here and fulfill your wishes.
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