International Nursing Students

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As an international nursing student, you have high expectations for life after graduation. You want to begin your career quickly, and you want to work in a high-paying position with great benefits and job security. To obtain your permanent residency status in the shortest amount of time, you need a trustworthy partner with immigration and nursing recruitment expertise.

That’s where WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions comes in! Since 1998, we have been helping international registered nurses, therapists, and other medical professionals achieve their dream of living and working in the United States and now in the GCC with the opening of our office in UAE. Our goal is to help you attain professional success and personal happiness by matching you to the ideal job in your preferred area.

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How WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions Works

Here are the steps to take if you want to obtain a nursing career in the United States or GCC:

  • Apply for our nursing program before or after graduating with a nursing degree.
  • Complete the NCLEX RN exam to ensure your skills and experience meet the requirements of U.S. medical facilities, or complete necessary certifications for GCC placement.
  • Apply for OPT work authorization with help from your student advisor.
  • Answer questions about your skills, professional goals, and personal aspirations to help HealthStaff match you up with one of the hundreds of permanent nursing jobs available.
  • Obtain proper licensure and credentialing with help from HealthStaff.
  • Accept a job offer from an employer in the United States or GCC.
  • Obtain a green card (or other necessary documentation depending on country of placement) with assistance from HealthStaff and your new employer.
  • Relocate to your country of placement. HealthStaff will help with the logistics, including finding temporary housing, enrolling your children in school and financing a car without any local credit history.

Why International Nursing Students Should Work with HealthStaff

We have the experience and resources to help you find a direct hire nursing career that is perfect for your needs. We make the process as simple and straightforward as possible. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • We help you find a visa sponsorship from an employer who wants to hire you full-time.
  • We schedule an interview with the employer and negotiate your compensation and benefits.
  • We manage the immigration, credentialing, and licensure processes.
  • We coordinate the logistics of your relocation.
  • We give you access to a permanent, direct hire employment situation with years of job stability.

Use Your International Nursing Degree to Find a Job in the USA or GCC!

Your RN status could be the key to obtaining permanent residency in the United States or GCC. Even if you are still a nursing student, we will jump start the recruitment process so there is less downtime between when you graduate and when you start working.

To begin planning for your future, send us your resume today.

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