Our Featured Nurse

Chelo Angelie Pascua Velasco

Chelo Velasco

Dialysis RN

Chelo Velasco epitomizes many international nurses. Having gained a total of ten years of nursing experience in the Philippines and United Arab Emirates, mostly as a dialysis RN, she and her family recently arrived in Seattle, Washington.

Chelo, her husband and two year old daughter made the arduous trip from Dubai to Seattle in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

"My daughter has already made new friends and this is definitely our final destination," said Chelo. As an avid Grey’s Anatomy fan, Chelo is looking forward to visiting the various sites around Seattle where the show was filmed. “My husband is very excited about the numerous employment opportunities that he has already found.”

As is very often the case, Chelo was referred to WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions by another applicant that was already working with us. “My initial interview was very well organized and the interviewer from the U.S. was very keen. From the time of my interview and throughout the entire time that I was waiting for the processing of my visa application, I was never worried. Thanks to my HealthStaff Case Managers, Mario and Kimberly,” she said.

Nurses like Chelo who have extensive experience, often gained in working in multiple countries, arrive in the U.S. with not only a wealth of skills and knowledge, but with experience in working in some of the most ethnically and culturally diverse cultures anywhere. The rich mix of technical and cultural competencies that international nurses bring to their U.S. employers expands their ability to provide the highest quality of care.

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