Healthcare Employer FAQs

What countries can we recruit from?
HealthStaff recruits primarily from developed countries where applicants work in modern facilities with access to the latest medications, technology and practice standards.  Additionally HealthStaff recruits candidates working in JCIA Accredited Hospitals around the world.
What about immigration?
Healthstaff is responsible for managing the complete immigration process for each applicant.  We do this by engaging the leading healthcare immigration attorneys in the country.  All applicants arrive in the US with a Permanent Residency-Green Card visa.
What about credentialing / licensure?
HealthStaff is responsible for working with each candidate to ensure they complete the credentialing and licensure requirements in their State of intended employment. This work is done proactively so applicants are able to begin work as soon as possible upon their arrival in the USA.
What about relocation to the USA?
HealthStaff works with you and the applicant to coordinate their arrival in the USA at an appropriate time. HealthStaff facilitates arranging air transportation to the U.S., temporary housing, enrolling children in local schools and other essential tasks. HealthStaff supports our employers in their onboarding process to ensure that the international hire is smoothly integrated to their team.
How do we get started?
There is no minimum or a maximum number of recruits needed to begin the recruitment process. Whether you are looking to fill 3-4 positions in a local long term care facility or regional hospital, or you are looking to recruit 100 – 200 for your national network of facilities, HealthStaff has 19 years of experienced based confidence to help formulate and execute an international recruitment strategy most appropriate for your needs.   Contact us today, phone 704-496-9398 or email info @