Talent Acquisition: Nursing Recruitment for Employers

It's not a recruitment problem, it's a supply and demand problem

Despite deploying more resources and using more sophisticated recruitment marketing strategies, employers continue to face the same challenges when it comes to talent acquisition:

Healthcare Recruitment Challenges

  • Increasing time to fill chronic vacancies
  • Contingent staff spend affecting financial and quality outcomes
  • Foregone revenues due to inability to optimally staff units
  • Inability to keep up with increasing retirements
  • Increased sign-on, retention, and other financial incentives

The shortages employers are attempting to cope with are not the result of insufficient or ineffective recruitment strategies—they are the result of there being more positions available than there are people available to fill them. It’s a supply-and-demand issue!

All healthcare employers want to decrease hiring timelines, chronic vacancies, and ballooning contingent staff spending. You want to accomplish this while realizing your full revenue potential, keeping ahead of retirements, and not getting caught up in the whirlwind of paying ever-increasing financial incentives. The best way to achieve both is to increase the pool of available workers.

The best way to increase the pool of available workers is through direct hiring for permanent placement via international recruitment.

International Nursing Recruitment

WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions is here to help with all your healthcare talent acquisition needs. Our streamlined hiring process makes international recruitment easy, offering you the talent you need on your timeline.

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Healthcare Recruitment Challenges
Healthcare Employer Challenges