What Does HealthStaff Want to See on My Resume?

Your resume is an important tool in the recruitment process. It is your chance to make a great first impression since it is the first thing the HealthStaff recruiting team will see. Your resume needs to be able to tell a short story about your career. Keep in mind that every culture is different when it comes to accepting resumes. Some countries would like to know more about your ethnicity, gender, family names and sometimes even your height. Here at HealthStaff we are only looking for four things.

#1 Location

Where you currently work and live is important to us. This is a key point in scheduling your interview. Make sure that it is clear on your resume. We suggest to list your current location under your name like this:

Lily Lou
9101 Kings Parade Blvd
Suite 100
Charlotte, NC 28273

#2 Licensures

Most of our clients are looking to hire NCLEX passers; therefore, under a licensure title you should state all your licensures as well as the country or state that it is issued in like this:

NCLEX – Texas
DHA – Dubai Health Authority
HAAD – Health Authority Abu Dhabi

#3 Current Work Experience

Listing and describing your current job is extremely important when applying for a job in the USA. Most of our clients ask for two years of current experience. Therefore, as you are listing your current and previous jobs, make sure to provide a detailed description. Do not list Staff Nurse as a title. Instead, list the specific department in which you work.

Med Surg – ABC Hospital
8-21-2017 – Present
Works in an acute rehab hospital helping post stroke patients… etc.

#4 Contact Information

Your contact information is how we get in touch with you! Make sure you have included your current phone number with area code, as well as your current email address. Check your email twice a week or even daily. You never know when a recruiter will reach out to you!

If you are a RN with a minimum of 2 years of experience, currently working in a bedside setting and working on completing your NCLEX certification, our team is ready to help you transition into your next nursing adventure!

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