4 Steps to Best Prepare for Your Video Interview

You get a phone call or an email from a recruiter regarding a position that you applied for, but first you have to complete a video interview. It can be nerve-wracking waiting all day for this interview. You never know what the recruiter is going to ask. You begin to get anxious and nervous. Don’t worry. This is completely normal. Your anxiety shows that you are passionate and excited about this opportunity!

However, sometimes those nerves can distract your thinking and when the interview starts you have no idea what to do. Here are some helpful hints to calm your nerves before the interview.

1) Check All Technical Problems the Day Before Your Interview

Make sure that you have checked all links to connect online and that your internet connection is good. You will need to choose a quiet area where you can conduct your video interview. Review your final confirmation email and carefully examine the job description again so that you can align your own work experience with the required skills.

2) Be Well-Rested

Make sure that you get a good nights rest, stay hydrated, eat a good meal and take care of your personal hygiene. Dress the part! It may be helpful to have a glass of water near you in case you get choked up during the interview. Also, take 15 minutes before your interview to collect your thoughts. Write down any questions or concerns that you may have.

3) Super Hero Pose

Sit or stand with your arms on your hips, puff out your chest, spread out your legs and take up as much space as you need. Keep this pose for two minutes. So why did you just do that? Studies have shown that this pose brings confidence and affects the cortisol level in your brain which impacts memory formulation and controls blood pressure.

4) Take a Deep Breath

Finally, when it is time for you to begin your interview, remember to take a deep breath, relax and remind yourself why you are doing this.

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