Nurse Recruitment to the Gulf Region

Ultimately, the quality of care that a patient receives comes down to the caliber of the nursing professionals caring for them more so than the equipment and technology that a hospital may have. While technology reigns supreme, unfortunately, the human element is not always top priority for hospitals and healthcare facilities planning nurse recruitment to the Gulf region.

In the highly competitive healthcare sector across the Gulf region, the latest equipment is installed and procedural advancements are being made daily. While state of the art equipment and continuous professional development are both crucial elements of ensuring patients are getting the best possible care, healthcare providers continue to see a decline in overall patient satisfaction when conducting post visit surveys. This has led healthcare providers to look to the past in an effort to establish why patient satisfaction is not what it used to be at their facilities.

After extensive research, some of the biggest names in the Gulf region healthcare sector have begun to notice that although they have the latest medical technology at their disposal, they often lack qualified personnel to utilize the aforementioned technology which greatly diminishes the impact of their massive equipment and technology investments.

Recently completed studies confirm the very significant role of nurses in achieving high patient satisfaction ratings. Nurses will have numerous interactions with patients on a day-to-day basis, while physicians might have one or two interactions a week. Nurses are the first point of contact a patient has and they are the first to react when a patient is in need. The constant care and bedside manner of nursing staff is not only a vital part of the medical process but also directly influences the satisfaction when visiting a medical facility. Research confirms that the patient and their family’s overall hospital experience will be heavily weighted on the quality of care received specifically by their nursing and allied caregivers.

Throughout my years of working in the medical industry, I have seen big name hospitals and medical facilities using their professional reputation and medical influence to attract nurses to their facilities. These employers firmly believed that because they are one of the bigger names in the medical world, nurses would flock to them for employment, and for many this has been true in the past. However, now employers are starting to notice that the supply of quality applicants is not nearly what is used to be. Further, once they have invested into a nurse, paid for their visa, put them through an orientation program and trained them on company protocols, the nurses don’t seem to stay with them very long. A long-term employee who has been well-trained and uses company protocols daily, has seen the benefits working with a good system and therefor exercises these protocols subconsciously. These are the best nurses any facility can have. Hospitals realize that their patients have better interactions with these nurses, and because patients are interacting with nurses so frequently, they will not only be far happier with their overall hospital experience, but will also experience a far better quality of care being administered by nurses who have worked with a hospital’s specific protocols and procedures.

This finding is not new to health employers. However, there are clearly two key questions that health care employers across the Gulf region must confront now and into the future:

  • How does a medical facility attract quality nurses in sufficient volume when the competition for quality nursing candidates among Gulf region employers has never been greater? In fact, the global competition for nursing talent has never been greater with most western countries facing their own significant shortages, and;
  • How does an employer retain these staff once they are employed?

The answer is this: Differentiation! What will an employee gain from working for your medical facility that they won’t get from any other facility? Does your medical facility invest into their nurse’s education in order to make them the best possible version of themselves? Does your facility offer them career growth? Do you offer nurses an opportunity to broaden their horizons?

There is a well-known dialog between a company’s CFO and CEO:

CFO asks CEO: What happens if we invest in developing our people and they leave us?

CEO responds: What happens if we don’t, and they stay?

Let Us Help You Stand Apart From Your Competitors

WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions has developed a program called Gateway to the USA. Within this program we attract top quality candidates to the GCC by promising them that once they have completed their entire contract for their employer in the GCC, they will be immediately shortlisted for placement with healthcare employers in the U.S.

Clients within the GCC can opt to offer nurses an additional contract renewal incentive bonus in the form of sponsoring the nurses U.S. RN NCLEX licensure exam should the nurse stay on with the hospital for a second term. WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions also has a partnership with REMAR Review, a leading provider of online nurse exam preparation, who offers our candidates a discounted online training program for their NCLEX exam. Once candidates have passed their NCLEX exam, they are then shortlisted for employment in the USA. The immigration process to get to the USA takes approximately 2 years. During this time a hospital still has the benefit of an extremely competent, well trained and experienced nurse. The nurse realises the value in staying with the hospital in the GCC as their entire family’s American dream rides on their loyalty to their GCC employer. These candidates often come from countries where there is no light at the end of the tunnel and the opportunity for them to immigrate to the USA provides them and their family with a guaranteed future.

WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions is using the Gateway to the USA program successfully and experience has taught us that GCC employers stand to keep their nurses for up to 6 years when engaging in this program. In fact, this program has also proven to be an excellent retention tool with existing staff.

This innovative program is offered free despite the proven success we have witnessed throughout the years.

If your healthcare facility would like to attract world class nurses, then simply continuing to do what has been done in the past will not be sufficient. A new approach is needed and our team can be your partner in innovation and success. Our experienced team can provide a tailored nurse recruitment solution to solve the following concerns:

  • If you would like to make sure your patients are receiving the best possible care
  • If you would like to limit medical malpractice cases
  • If you would like to receive glowing recommendations due to your employee’s excellent bedside manner
  • If you are a hospital, clinic, home care facility or palliative facility in need of experienced health staff

Contact WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions and let us know how we can assist you.

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