About WorldWide HealthStaff Direct Hire Solutions

Since 1998, WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions Ltd. has enabled healthcare employers to address their priority staffing needs by making available a broad range of staffing solutions.

We work with organizational leaders who recognize that their ability to provide quality care and achieve superior clinical outcomes in a manner that optimizes the financial success of their organization depends on having a sufficient number of qualified professional caregivers on staff at all times.

The success of any recruitment program is greatly determined by the experience and integrity of the recruitment firm an employer uses.  Since 1998 HealthStaff has partnered with healthcare employers across the USA and Canada.

Our principals and staff bring decades of experience in healthcare management and recruitment to your staffing challenges. We have an established record of professional and ethical dealings with clients and applicants alike.

One of our principals will serve as your Account Manager. In dealing with HealthStaff you will have one experienced contact person who will be focused on providing you with a high level of professional services. At the same time, our team is working behind the scenes on your behalf, contributing their particular expertise to your situation.