WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions Recognized For Ethical Recruitment

We are honored to have been recognized and certified by the Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices, a division of CGFNS International.

When a healthcare staffing firm is endorsed by the Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices, it benefits the staffing firm, healthcare employers, foreign-educated health professionals and patients. This is a voluntary agreement that sets best practice standards to guide the fair, transparent and ethical recruitment of foreign-educated health professionals to the United States developed by employers, nursing organizations, labor and recruiters.

Health professionals have been subject to unfair contract and recruitment provisions including fees, insufficient induction/training support and control of personal lives in some extreme cases. Having a code ensures that healthcare facilities are staffed by fairly treated, well-trained nurses which in turn benefits patients, staff and the broader community.

 “We are proud of our 21 year track record of setting a high standard of ethical recruitment, particularly in the area of direct hire recruitment. For our integrity and reputation to be recognized by the Alliance is an honor,” said Ron Hoppe, HealthStaff CEO.

HealthStaff is committed to ongoing thought and practice leadership in international recruitment for the benefit of employers, applicants and patients around the world.