Is Your Facility Suffering from a Recruitment Misdiagnosis?

Diagnosing a patient for a certain condition and treating them accordingly when the diagnosis is wrong to begin with, won’t achieve the desired treatment outcome. In fact, it might even be catastrophic.

The same is true in the recruitment industry. Every day talent acquisition leaders are monitoring symptoms such as chronic vacancies, increasing reliance on contract staffing and staff turnover rates in an effort to properly diagnose and treat their recruitment ailments. But is it possible that recruitment conditions are being misdiagnosed? The answer is yes, and it is happening more often than ever before.

Let’s consider some of the most common recruitment maladies – chronic short staffing, increasing contract labor costs and high turnover rates. In many cases these symptoms are not only present at your facility, but facilities across your region are reporting the same. Could this be some sort of outbreak?

When you and competitors in your region are reporting similar symptoms, it is likely that you are not suffering from a recruitment ailment, rather you have been infected by the rapidly spreading virus most commonly known as ‘Supply and Demand Virus’ or SDV.

SDV occurs when there are more open positions in a market than there are qualified applicants available to fill them. Attempting to treat SDV with the same methods historically used for the aches and pains of standard recruitment will no longer bring the desired relief. These ineffective and antiquated treatment methods include more recruitment advertising, more recruitment staff and expensive referral and incentive payments.

The good news is there is an effective solution available. ‘Direct Hire International Recruitment,’ is a proven, cost-effective treatment for SDV. Healthcare employers across the country are reporting that even a single dose of Direct Hire International Recruitment begins to reduce nagging recruitment aches and pains and that when applied over time, this treatment results in improved quality and financial outcomes, increased staff morale and an overall competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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