Five Nurse Staffing Challenges to Watch in 2019

The U.S. nursing shortage is having an immense impact on the medical field. But what’s causing the disparity between available jobs and qualified nurses in the U.S.? WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions has been helping hospitals and healthcare employers hire qualified international nurses for over 20 years, and we understand the underlying issues that contribute to this staffing shortage.

Aging Population

The U.S. currently has the largest population of people aged over 65 in history. Older people require more healthcare services than younger populations and often combat more than one comorbidity that requires specialized care. As more people get older, more nurses are needed to tend to the growing patient population.

HealthStaff receives hundreds of applications from qualified nurses all over the world waiting to relocate and be placed in medical facilities in the U.S. Be sure your patients have the attention they need by hiring internationally with HealthStaff.

Aging Workforce

A 2017 AMN Healthcare survey of registered nurses revealed that 73 percent of baby boomer nurses plan to retire by 2020. This is more than just a staffing issue. As more experienced nurses leave the workforce and step down from faculty positions, nursing schools will be limited in their course offerings and the overall quality of their programs will suffer.

It is crucial for medical facilities to combat this issue by using the resources available to them. One of the best resources at your disposal is WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions. We will help staff your facility with the qualified nurses you need. With our direct hire strategy, you will have permanent nurses on staff in no time.

Rapid Turnover

Nurses face unique workplace demands that create increased stress. Additionally, many students graduate nursing school and immediately begin working, increasing the likelihood that they will burn out at a younger age. For this reason, nursing turnover rates can be as high as 37 percent depending on the geographical location in the U.S.

When you work with HealthStaff, you are hiring nurses who are brand-new to the U.S. and who crave the experience of working at an American facility. You’ll have highly qualified nurses whose career goals align with your facility so they can enjoy working with you for years to come.

Work-Life Balance

Since the nursing population is largely female, many nurses face the challenge of balancing their career goals with family. During childbearing years, more nurses will either switch to part-time availability or leave the profession altogether.

HealthStaff works closely with all incoming applicants to ensure their needs are met before relocating to the U.S., including placing children in schools, securing appropriate housing, and financing for a vehicle. We encourage all of our nurses to carefully review each job offer before signing to ensure that even their intangible desires (i.e. work-life balance, flexible scheduling, etc.) are met.

Challenging Work Environment

Approximately 8 to 38 percent of people working in healthcare will suffer from some form of workplace violence during their career, according to the World Health Organization. HealthStaff understands the difficult workplace demands nurses encounter each day, which is why we only staff the most qualified, experienced and dedicated nurses. 

Work with an Experienced Nurse Recruitment Agency

Don’t let these challenges negatively impact your nursing staff. Contact the staffing professionals at HealthStaff to begin hiring internationally today. Our team will assist incoming applicants with meeting U.S. certification and licensure requirements, ensuring that only the most qualified professionals are hired on your team. Your dream team is waiting at HealthStaff. Contact us today to meet them!