You wanted the job, you prepared yourself, you probably even practiced a conversation to yourself in the mirror. But you did not get an offer. In fact, it was given to somebody else! You cannot believe it. So now what do you do? Should you give up? Should you look somewhere else? In the midst of confusion, you may feel disappointed or saddened. After all, no matter what the situation, being told “No” can be difficult. These days, being rejected by others can easily turn into feeling dejected with ourselves which can make it difficult to get up and try again.

Five Tips on How to S.M.I.L.E. in the Face of Rejection After Not Receiving the Job Offer

S Is for Staying Positive

No matter what the situation, try to keep a grin on your face. Landing a job becomes a whole lot harder when you let the negativity settle in. If you want to overcome the feelings of rejection, step one would be to shrug it off and look on the bright side. Trust that with all the “Nos” there will eventually come the “Yes”.

M Is for Moving On

Assess what happened. What could you have done better? Was there a talking point you could have brought up? What could you have mentioned that maybe would have sparked their interest more? Take all of these new insights and apply it to your next interview. Continue this pattern until you see the results you are wanting to see. However, do not fail to remember that sometimes they are just not interested, despite your best efforts. That’s okay! Do not get down on yourself. Keep moving on!

I Is for Imagine/Initiate

Imagine how the next interview will go. Imagine what you want to say, how you want to act and what you wish to accomplish. Think ahead to the possible questions that you may receive and prepare yourself to answer them. Put yourself in the right mindset – you can do this! Make sure you envision a successful encounter. Then initiate, reach out and try again!

L Is for Listen

Pay attention to the things that the person in front of you is saying so that you can react accordingly. Make sure that they know you respect them and their time. Allow them to finish their thought before you respond. Maintain eye contact as it demonstrates your attentiveness to what they are saying as well as the confidence you have in yourself. You will be better off speaking when you understand what they have said.

E Is for Engage

Keep a smile on your face when you are having a conversation. Show that you are grateful and excited to be speaking with them. A positive attitude will go a lot further than a lack of enthusiasm or confidence. Be yourself, but be your best self. Demonstrate who you are and how you can be of a benefit to them. If you have stayed positive, been persistent, prepared yourself and listened carefully, this is the step where it all comes together.

Remember, rejection is not all bad. It is a common opposition that we face every day that can help us become better in our professional or social lives. Just make sure to use it as a tool and not a stumbling block on the journey to success. Do not give up on your dream. Improve yourself, try again and don’t forget to S.M.I.L.E.!

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